Show us your #stowellstyle

StoWELL is a new kid on the block; spread the hype on social media!

To all of our customers and friends online,

We’re a new company and use our social media platforms to connect with our friends and participate in the T1D community, while also providing helpful information for the diabetic journey.

We would love to see how our products have improved your life and hear about how your fashion supports your well-being. We’d love to see the creative ways you’ve styled our shorts and hear about how they’ve been practical and comfortable during your nightly slumber.

Below are some helpful ways you can celebrate your StoWELL style in your social media content. Be yourself and have fun!

We look forward to seeing your creativity and following your journey. Thanks for your support as we grow our company and launch exciting new products in the near future.

Tip 1: Tag us

When you make a Reels, Post or Story, make sure to tag us @wearstowell

Tip 2: Style guide

What do you mix and match with your StoWELL Sleeping Shorts? How do you use the waistband loop to guide the tubing? We love to see the features of the clothing with your insulin pump.

Tip 3: Share your nightly journey and helpful advice

Did you sleep a little easier last night? Did you use your insulin pump screen as a flashlight? Was your early morning low BG alert felt and quick to find your pump?

Tip 4: #hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to spread the word of your post. Others who are interested in the tags will see your post in their feed; it’s a great way to get more likes and followers!

#wearstowell is our company hashtag

#stowellstyle is for style tips to show your fashion sense

#diabeticfashion is a great community hashtag for fashion

#insulinpump is a medical device hashtag with good reach

#t1dwarrior is a great affirming community hashtag 

#t1dstrong is another optimistic, supporting hashtag