Designed by a diabetic,
for diabetics

Because a good night's sleep is so important

For a diabetic with an insulin pump, there are so many things that can prevent a restful night's sleep, from trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, to getting your tubing tangled up in the sheets, to worrying about missing alerts throughout the night.

Our boxers and sleep shorts are designed to address all of these issues, because we believe good sleep is important.

Michael Almodova, Co-founder, T1D

Twelve years ago, a routine doctor’s appointment revealed elevated blood sugar in my labwork. I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic and after a few years, an antibody test revealed that I’m actually Type 1. I spent a couple of years doing multiple daily injections but quickly adopted insulin pump therapy, initially with the Animas Ping and then the very first version of the Tandem t:slim.

I’m a home furnishings designer by profession and quickly realized that sleeping with an insulin pump was a challenge. There were no garments that held my pump comfortably and allowed me to easily check the device in the middle of the night.

I took a pair of sleeping boxers and attached a pocket with a simple button closure. Eureka! Problem solved! I’ve been testing and perfecting this concept for a couple years: playing with fun contrast fabrics for the pocket, perfecting the pattern, and adding a nifty belt loop at the waistband to help guide the tubing.

Friends and family urged me to make this into a product, but I didn’t get serious until I had a conversation with my dear friend, Lousine.

We have a shared vision of creating stylish, medical clothing for people with medical technology. We believe that despite someone having a temporary or chronic condition, they should have clothes that promote dignity, comfort, and individual style.

We recognize that a survivor’s journey with a medical condition can be scary, uncertain and stressful. It’s our mission to help add some style and comfort along the way.

Lousine Alpern, Co-founder, MD

I’ve always wanted to help people heal. My medical residency taught me how to be a doctor, but my patients taught me how to be a healer. I realized a patient’s mental health is just as important as proper medical treatment, since the mind and body are intricately connected.

After receiving a life changing diagnosis, I realized my patients would struggle after leaving the hospital. For example, some patients had a variety of concerns about living with PICC lines and chemo ports:

“Doctor, what kind of clothing do you recommend now that I have to live with this device attached to me?”

“I have a wedding to attend in a week and I have no idea what I can wear now…” 

“How do I shower and sleep with all of this tubing on me?!”

As a medical professional, we can get so caught up treating patients, it’s easy to forget about their journey after they leave the hospital. How is one supposed to heal if they are unprepared to leave their home and go about daily life? For example, I’ve had cancer patients prefer multi-weekly intravenous injections over wearing PICC lines or chemo ports because of the fear of living with catheters.

Michael and I have been friends for many years. After hearing about his journey with diabetes, I realized the importance of being comfortable with medical treatment. Through sharing our experiences and life journeys, Michael and I created StoWELL to craft functional and fashionable medical clothing.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that despite someone having a temporary or chronic condition, they should have clothes that promote dignity, comfort, and individual style.

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About StoWELL Medical Clothing

A life-changing diagnosis of insulin dependent diabetes led StoWELL co-founder Michael Almodova on a search for diabetic sleepwear, the type of clothing that could accommodate an insulin pump. StoWELL was created to facilitate the design of attractive and comfortable medical device clothing, in other words, apparel that could secure small medical devices within specially designed pockets for the various Tandem and Medtronic accessories and pumps a diabetic absolutely needs to keep within reach while they sleep.

From the origination around clothing for insulin pumps and other diabetic devices, StoWELL has begun to expand their focus into crafting various medically-focused apparel, including attractive post-surgery clothing. Unlike the typical hospital gown, every attractive piece of medical clothing we will design and introduce will be configured as adaptive wear, so that devices, tubes and any post-surgery PICC lines and IV antibiotics can be stylishly accommodated without infringing on mobility, sleeping, or style.

StoWELL plans to introduce attractive chemotherapy clothing and medical swimwear later this year, including medical clothing for children coming soon.