"After my training, I got my insulin pump set up and my first thought was - how am I going to sleep with this at night?"

- Michael Almodova, StoWELL Co-founder, T1D

Designed by a diabetic

StoWELL Co-founder Michael Almodova has been T1D since 2008.

Made in Los Angeles

We proudly support local artisans in the capital of the garment industry.


Our products are constructed to last, using carefully selected fabrics.


Marion Sleep Short Yellow Poppy

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We all deserve a comfortable night’s sleep and it’s especially important if you’re diabetic with an insulin pump. This is why we created our sleep shorts, which were designed to stow an insulin pump close to the body conveniently throughout the night. The natural cotton fabric is top quality and in an assortment of great patterns and rich colors. The elastic waistband is a high-quality fold down construction for extra comfort and softness. The pocket size is perfect for both the Tandem and Medtronic insulin pumps, while a waistband loop helps to guide the tubing to the inset location and reduces getting snagged. Sleep peacefully knowing your insulin pump will function optimally and always be within close reach.

 Features we love

  • high-quality cotton fabric
  • fold-down construction elastic waistband
  • loose fit for bed-worthy comfort
  • pocket sized for both a Tandem and Medtronic insulin pump
  • pocket on leg location to feel nighttime vibration alerts
  • right and left pockets hold the pump closer to the inset site
  • insulin pump can be stowed face-away from the body for strong signal to a CGM
  • waistband loop for tubing management
  • machine wash
  • made in USA
  • model is wearing size S and is 5'6"/168cm
  • loose fit for nighttime comfort

 Size & Fit 

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S (28 - 31)
M (31 - 33)
L (33 - 36)
XL (36 - 39)
2XL (39 - 42)
    Function Meets Fashion

    Our sleep shorts and boxers are not only stylish, but are designed with smart details to help you sleep comfortably with your insulin pump.

    Meet the Founders

    We have a shared vision for creating stylish medical clothing for people with medical technology.

    Don't take our word for it


    What I love about StoWELL sleep shorts is that I have my insulin pump close at hand all night long. I can feel the vibration alert and easily find my pump without waking up my partner. The fabric is great!


    Santa Rosa, CA


    My Type 1 daughter received the sleep shorts and is a huge fan!!


    Los Angeles, CA


    Well worth every penny! These sleep shorts are well-made from sturdy fabric and fit my pump perfectly. It’s super easy to find my Tandem T:slim in the dark to check my readings and make any corrections.


    Brooklyn, NY


    Your sleep shorts and boxers are just perfect for those looking for a place to store their pumps while sleeping. They're unique, solve a big problem and I think they would be popular!


    Charlotte, NC


    I’ve been T1D for many years and was used to sleeping with my pump roaming freely in the bed next to me. I tried these Sleep Shorts and couldn’t believe I’d been “roughing it” all along!


    Austin, TX


    My daughter will be excited. They fit well, and she loved not wearing her pump belt all night long. She said she’s getting ready for bed earlier just so she could wear them longer.


    Evanston, IL